Slinger Signaller

4 days (3 days training 1 day testing)

Course objectives

This course is designed for personnel who are required to undertake slinging and signalling for the movement of loads using lifting equipment. The course will provide clear information on the approved codes of practice BS7121, LOLER, PUWER, and guidance notes associated with the safe use of cranes and lifting accessories during lifting operations. The course will also provide candidates with the knowledge on how to use the correct methods of communication on site and to ensure the lifting accessories used during lifting operations are suitably checked and serviceable, and show appropriate methods of how attachments are made to lift loads safely.

Course content to include 

  • The legal framework, HSAWA 1974, LOLER, PUWER and BS7121
  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel in the lifting team
  • The maintenance and examination requirements of lifting accessories
  • Checking of test certificates and other relevant documentation
  • Methods of communication during lifting operations
  • Inspection criteria for lifting accessories
  • Uniform load method (sling angles)
  • Method of confirming load weights
  • Attaching lifting accessories to various loads using different methods of attachment
  • Directing a crane to lift and place loads at various radii using hand signals and radios
  • Calculating load centre of gravity
  • Stability of a mobile crane
  • Pick and Carry responsibilities